Monday, September 10, 2018

Tibetan Proper Name Index

I apologize to all three of my regular readers that I haven’t posted here for awhile. I’ve been preoccupied by several projects, and will be busy with one or the other of them in the months to come. In case you are concerned there is no reason for worry about me. I don’t plan to ever quit doing Tibeto-logic blog, but I see no reason to post unless I feel inspired to, no reason to keep it on a monthly basis as I’ve sometimes aimed to do.

I did earlier today manage to overcome a technical problem when I completed the merging of nine fascicles of the Tibetan Proper Name Index into one and posted them at a new kind of website where lengthy files don’t present much of a problem. The new site is called “Tibetosophy,” but it doesn’t contain anything except the reference work that can be called by the acronym TPNI. So far it has gotten through the Tibetan alphabet up to somewhere in the middle of the letter {PA}, so I suppose it is about half done.  A key to the bibliographical references is included because it is entirely necessary. The scanning of the original file to eliminate errors and typos is quite tedious and tiring to my eyes, so I hope you won’t blame me if it is still far from completion. I do hope to do more on it in my spare time. I suppose I could use a little encouragement, since so many little thing keep getting in my way. Let me or your other friends know if you find it useful. I think I have to get it out there for you diehard Tibeto-logicians who can find ways to draw benefit from it. It isn’t for everyone, it’s for you.

The link is HERE. Have a look.


  1. Dear Dan,

    Thank for sharing this painstaking work. It will prove very useful for somebody like me.

    Cheers !

  2. Thanks for the thumbsup, Lagatûrmân. The good news is I finished the PA's and am ready to start the PHA's. I just tried it, so I know it's possible, but I copied and pasted the entire content of the file into an ordinary docx, and after several minutes of hesitation, it made a file of over a thousand pages. If you do that, you can save it to your own machine and make your own notes on it without relying on the internet. I've checked and found out that the Google robots haven't discovered Tibetosophy yet, so if you search for it you get a suggestion to search for Theosophy instead. They may have a point there.
    Yours D-
    PS: For some reason for the late summer months Google lost her capacity to deliver email notifications for "comments," but now it's restored. The capacity, I mean.


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