Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sheep Year Happy Losar!

Although a special blog for the holiday was in the works, this auspicious picture is offered in its place. Have a great new year with good health, plentiful energy, enough wealth, much contentment and hope for a brighter future for Tibetans and peace for the whole world.


  1. Dear Dan, my name is Sherab Gyatso, and I would like to thank you ever so much for your blogs from which I learned so much and immensely benefited. On this Losar, our new year day, I wish you Tashi Delek. May Buddha bless you with happiness, success, good health, and good luck in your research into this immensely rich treasure troupe called Buddhist heritage of Tibet. Once again, thank you. Sherab Gyatso

  2. Dear Sherab,

    Your vote of confidence means a great deal. I try my best to keep it real, and prevent my self from getting in the way. Confidence and trust promote more confidence and trust, and the world gets better for all of us, I think. It pains me to think just how far things appear to be going in the opposite direction of distrust and fear. You think there is a way to turn it around? There must be.


  3. Losar greetings Dan and Sherab Sangpo!

    From Tashi Tsering (UBC)


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